Amaranth Ⅲ (CHT)

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Amaranth Ⅲ (CHT) (1995)
Fuga System
Amaranth Ⅲ is a strategy role-playing game produced in 1994 and published by TTN in 1995. The biggest feature of this game is the world view, which is divided into the real world and the dream world. Steam and magic coexist in the real world, which feels a bit like the 19th century Victorian era. Players can use various guns and ammunition, as well as transportation vehicles such as trains and airships. In the dream world, steam and magic coexist. The world is a big fantasy world. Of course, this is the conspiracy of the evil god. In the end, the dream will become reality. The plot was very well done at the beginning, with armored trains, muskets, various modern settings, the World Expo, and the mysterious dream world.