Brandish 3 (CHT)

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Brandish 3 (CHT) (1997)
The third Brandish game is subtitled Spirit of Balcan. The “Balcan” mentioned here was Dela’s master, and the same guy Ares killed back before the first game. But he has a new quest for them from beyond the grave, to explore the kingdom of Fiberia. Brandish 3 is once again very similar to its predecessors, with few noticeable additions, one being the zoomed in mini-map, so you don’t have a squint. There’s a new jump attack, a charge attack, and a backstep maneuver too. The biggest change is that there are four playable characters. Ares is among them, of course, and you can finally play as Dela. Additionally, two other characters have been added. Although they differ slightly in their storylines and abilities, all of the dungeons are pretty much the same, so your experience will still be mostly identical regardless of which character you choose. In also adds several more important story characters, including Mirelle, Dora’s adopted sister.