Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny

Gladstone - Frank Klepacki
🛈 Tips: Remember to click the save button before leaving, otherwise game progress may not be saved.
Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny (1997)
Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny is a 1997 action role-playing game, second installment of the Lands of Lore series, a sequel to Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos. It brought about a drastic change in gameplay style from its predecessor, opting away from the original's D&D turn-based style in favor of more action elements. The plot follows Luther, son of Scotia, who is imprisoned by the soldiers of Gladstone and accused for being a member of the Dark Army. Luther is cursed to be morphed into either a monster or a lizard, thanks to which he manages to escape. While the Draracle guides him, Dawn and Bacatta (from the previous game) initially chase, and later aid him. Luther must go on his quest while avoiding his many pursuers. The player controls Luther on his quest to solve the curse. Randomly he will change forms, gaining the respective advantages (higher strength with the beast, or increased magical ability with the lizard), and the opportunity to enter small spaces and discover secret areas). The power to change forms willingly is eventually bestowed upon the player in the game.