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Rayman (1995)
Rayman is a side-scrolling platform video game developed and published by Ubisoft Entertainment as the first installment of the Rayman series. The player controls Rayman, a hero who must restore balance to his colourful world from the evil Mr. Dark. In the planet in which Rayman lives, people are harmonious thanks to the Great Protoon. However, the evil Mr. Dark steals the Protoon, causing the Electoons, tiny beings that maintain harmony on Rayman's planet, to scatter all over the world. Betilla the Fairy, a guardian of the Great Protoon, battles Mr. Dark to get back the Protoon and Electoons, but fails, so Rayman decides to go and find the Electoons, free the Great Protoon and defeat Mr. Dark.[3] Betilla the Fairy frequently interacts with Rayman as needed to give him additional magical powers along his journey. As he searches the world for the Electoons, Rayman confronts strange enemies and is aided by new friends, and learns that Mr. Dark has kidnapped Betilla and imprisoned her in one of the little spheres attached to his hat. After he rescues all of the Electoons, Rayman faces Mr. Dark, who attacks with various disorienting spells. Rayman arrives in a hall, where Mr. Dark traps him with walls of fire. At the last moment, Electoons retrieve Rayman's ability to punch after Mr. Dark disables it. Upon the defeat of Mr. Dark, Rayman rescues Betilla and recovers the Great Protoon, thus restoring balance to his world. Rayman then takes a vacation with friends and former enemies.